Saturday 20 March 2021

...reaching goals

Today is Day 49 of the 100 day project I started at the end of January, and I still can't quite believe I've managed to complete a square every single day since then! Some days I really, really have to drag myself to my workdesk, and some days I don't even like the finished square, but one of my rules is that it's ok not to like it, I just have to do it!

I do quite like the fact that I now have a growing stack of fabric squares that can be used for other projects - whether as a small-scale experiment in technique/effect or as a source material for something else. I scanned  the (middle right) roses and the (bottom left) daffodils in the top photo to make cards for my Mum and my mother-in-law on Mother's Day, and I'm thinking of framing 'Buddy' the blackbird (middle bottom, bottom photo) and hanging him on the wall!

I'm not so happy about the utter carnage on my workdesk. I haven't tidied it in weeks, mainly because my retirement date is nearly here and I'm planning to have a massive Spring Clean and De-clutter when it arrives! Next week is my last full week at work, and then there will be just three more days to go until I reach the start of the rest of my life! I'm working long hours every day to make sure nothing is left for others to deal with when I'm gone, so by the time I sit down to do a square I'm too tired to worry about the chaos around me and just focus in on the tiny area in front of me. Thank goodness I chose to work on only 2.5 inch squares!