Sunday 19 November 2017

...autumn sunlight

I was working yesterday (Saturday) so had to wait until today for a weekend walk at the park. It was another dry, frosty autumn morning, and the sun was still quite low in the sky as we set off, illuminating just the topmost branches of the trees. I loved the combination of the stark black silhouettes tipped with warm, delicate peach against the clear blue sky.

These images remind me of traditional Chinese watercolours of cherry blossom, with their bold lines and pastel shades.

Of course gazing upwards through the leaves becomes quite addictive...

 ...and the view is equally beautiful in black and white.
Whenever I'm looking at the big picture I always like to zoom in on the finer details too. Like this lightly frosted pastel yellow  leaf nestled in the grass at the side of the path. My 'leaf of the day' collection is growing all the time. I'm pondering some leaf paintings on the mdf offcuts I unearthed during Carpetgate. I only allowed myself to keep them on condition they got used, and the idea really appeals to me. But first I need to sew up the seam and make a bobble for my friend's Wee Willy Winkie stocking hat, and finish the cowl I've been making for my sister for Christmas!

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