Tuesday 26 December 2017

...festive moments

The days leading up to Christmas have been mild, so we've been making the most of the mornings by getting to the park early, while the sun is still low in the sky. I love the way the sunlight catches on the leaves, bringing the last glowing embers of autumn back to life.

There's been a last ditch flurry of present-making: 
  • Some Partridge and Pear ornaments I made using Larissa Holland's beautiful patterns. I originally planned to make at least five pairs, but in the end only managed two before the Big Day - although I do have a third pair cut out and ready to be stitched for a family member we won't be seeing until 29th December, so all is not lost. With the recommended materials (printable soluble stabiliser is the magic key) these are very simple to make, but still take a fair bit of time and concentration to assemble. Sitting hunched over embroidery for hours has not done my aching hips and shoulders any favours, but I think the effort was worthwhile.
  • Winter snowflake painted pebbles, given a little extra sparkle with irridescent acrylic medium and a gloss varnish to finish. I liked them so much I found it hard to give them away!
  • I finished the Mini Mania Scarf the day before Christmas Eve. I love how it turned out, but it's certainly not the best candidate for a quick gift. The more time I spent on it the more it seemed to shrink before my very eyes!

But in the end it turned out just right, and I enjoyed the time spent reminiscing to myself about the little boy whose grey school jumpers provided the left-over yarn for the scarf he now wears as a nearly 30 year old man!

Merry Christmas!

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