Sunday 10 June 2018


I've been a hayfever sufferer for most of my life. Every summer brings at least two or three months of intermittent sneezing fits, streaming, itchy eyes and nose, and a sense of suffocation in the pollen-filled air. Antihistamines, eye-drops and tissues are my constant companions, and I pray for rainy days to bring some relief. 

This year is no different, apart from the fact that over the past couple of weeks I've rather fallen in love with the source of my affliction. Up at the park large swathes of the old golf course have been left to grow unchecked into softy undulating meadows, containing a wide array of grasses. The effect is really quite magical, as the flowering spikelets range in colour from gentle pinks and purples to soft beiges and creams, all set against a backdrop of vivid green. The macro setting on my camera enables me to get such detailed images of the flower-heads - far better than my eye can actually see - and I find myself constantly stopping for 'just one more' picture.

Somewhat to my surprise this time spent getting up close and personal with the enemy doesn't seem to have made my hayfever significantly worse. I wonder if my positive thoughts and feelings might eventually be able to override my body's physical response?


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