Wednesday 18 July 2018

...World Cup wins

At some point in the knitwear in a heatwave phenomenon my preference for sitting quietly knitting instead of watching football became linked (in the minds of certain superstitious friends and family members) with the extraordinary success of the England team in the World Cup. This was good news for the Charity Shop Rescue Gang, as it meant that I had to keep going (knitting and not watching football) - at least until the luck ran out. So the flopsy bunny from the Gala got a little blue Peter Rabbit jacket:
...this flopsy girl bunny got a pretty heather-coloured cardigan:

...and this gorgeous Liv doll got a beatnik jumper (she reminds me of Twiggy).
I didn't follow any patterns, just cast on what looked like the right amount of stitches and then made things up as I went along. Even though it became sadly apparent that I don't possess any mystical powers over the football results, I do now have an extremely well-kitted-out team.

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