Saturday 6 April 2019

...two years later

I collected up as many photos as possible to look back over the past year's creative endeavours. There are a few bits and pieces missing, as I sometimes forget to take a picture before giving things away, but most of it is here.

There's been plenty of knitting - hats, scarves and baby clothes mostly. I've started and and abandoned a couple of jumpers for myself along the way. Just can't seem to find the right yarn or the right pattern or the right gauge, and end up unravelling them in hope of finding a more suitable project later.
It's been a great year for the rescued toy brigade knitted-garment-wise. No issues with yarn, pattern or gauge when I'm making things up as I go along!
There's also been a fair bit of miscellaneous making - a couple of  tunics, some collage pictures for friends  and some painted pebbles/wood.
I wonder what's in store for the next year? There will definitely be knitting - a 50th birthday gift is on the needles right now. I think I'd like there to be more sewing - after all, I need to see if my cheap and cheerful overlocker will work - and also more painting. Maybe some doll making too... 

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