Sunday 20 October 2019

...civic pride and small-scale wonders

The Friday before last was Light Night in Leeds. We've been going along for a couple of years now, and each time I feel a little burst of pride in our city for making this wonderful (free) event possible. My favourite part of the experience is always the amazing animated projections which use iconic city centre buildings as enormous, interactive backdrops. This year was no exception, and glimpses of the magical transformations of the Queen's Hotel and the Civic Hall during Light Night 2019 can be seen below.
From large-scale projections to zoomed-in explorations, this week I've also been marvelling at the delicate tree-like structure of the veins in this well-rotted ivy leaf from the back garden... 
...and gloating over the 'blue eryngo' seeds I collected at the park, ready for sowing in the garden next year. 
I literally can't wait to feast my eyes on that prickly lilac-violet-lavender loveliness in my own back yard, and (hopefully) neither can the local bees!
Finally, a bit of whimsy - in the shape of a little wooden peg doll in a quirky hooded cape, from the 'Nestled' pattern by  Hunter Hammersen on Ravelry. I haven't decided whether to make a leafy sleeping bag to match just yet, but these spiky sweet chestnut seed cases make rather fetching accessories in the meantime.

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