Tuesday 7 April 2020

...three years later

So another year has passed, notable on a personal level for my hip replacement surgery, and on a global level for the start of the Covid-19 pandemic! During this year plenty of knitting has taken place - mostly scarves and hats, but also a pair of fingerless mitts and the first wearable jumper I've made in forever. Some projects were gifts for other people, and some were keepers, made just for myself...
There has also been a fair bit of whimsical craftiness, including knitwear for assorted dolls, teeny-tiny painted footballers, oven-baked glass and pebble painting, doll's house miniatures, wet-felted embroidered pebbles, wreath-making, peg-doll-making and needle-felted creatures...
I'm looking forward to another year of crafting and blogging, and of living to tell the tale. I have plenty of materials to keep me going in Lockdown - even before the pandemic I had already arrived at SABLE - Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy - so in terms of running out of things to do I have literally nothing to fear!


  1. Love the felting and of course the mini food. I will have to give a search for that post! Crafting is the healthiest way to deal with stress, I think, long as you don't run out of supplies. Gorgeous knitting....something I simply can't do!

  2. I just had to comment on this fabulous post, Amelia - what absolutely gorgeous knitting and other crafty projects too! Your knitting is really beautiful. I love "SABLE" - that applies to me big time, I must confess! What a great expression!! Lol! I shall never run out of things to do because I've got a house full of UFOs and they mock me until I tackle them!

    Shoshi x