Wednesday 23 September 2020

...catching up

A dog-walking hat for my friend's birthday
A half-finished Baby Surprise Jacket
A Frattali shawl blocked and drying in the sunshine...
...and artfully draped against the garage door - really hard to get a decent photo of this lovely, floaty thing!
Raindrops suspended on spider's web beneath wet leaves and a scattering of montbretia flowers creating a "goldfish pond" illusion. My photo of the month!
Late summer blooms and early autumn seed-heads.
Sewing with rope, the latest experiment...
...dip-dying the finished rope bag. So many projects, so little time.


  1. These are all wonderful. What is that purple-and-red flower in the lower left of the botanical grouping, by the way? - what a bloom. Love the seedheads and the "koi pond", too.
    -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)

    1. Hi Gretchen. Thank you for your lovely comment and sorry for the very late response! It's a hollyhock. When the sun shines through the petals they have a deep "red wine" glow, but otherwise the flowers appear almost black - like the skin of an aubergine. I grew it from a seed I "harvested" from a plant at my local park, and only one flower appeared, but normally they grow in spire shaped clusters several feet high and are rather splendid. I think they are supposed to flower better in the second year, so fingers crossed!