Sunday 17 October 2021

...eye candies

Last month I broke my self-imposed rule of 'Trying Not To Buy More Yarn' and bought two skeins of Lana Grossa self striping 'Gioia' - partly because they were reduced and I had birthday money to spend, but mostly because (like Alison Moyet) I go weak in the presence of beauty. One skein in vivid rainbow brights, and one in all the blues, just begging to be made into a ZickZack scarf, full of random/serendipitous stripey juxtapositions. This was a joyous thing to knit - with a visual symphony of colour flowing from my needles, and an easily memorised pattern making it perfect for 'TV knitting'. A bad case of 'One More Row' Syndrome soon set in, and it was finished in a matter of days. It's turned out to be a joyous thing to wear too - cosy and warm around my neck in the chilly Autumn weather. The joyousness of this scarf has even been independently verified by a young lad with learning disabilities, who  approached me out of the blue in the chemist's to ask for a hug (we settled for an elbow bump, what with Covid and all). Having thus introduced himself, he then gestured enthusiatically at the scarf, and exclaimed "You look so smart!". His Mum came rushing over to retrieve him, a bit flustered and apologetic, but I thought it was a lovely moment. It's always nice to meet a kindred spirit from the Scarf Appreciation community.
The only fly in the ointment of my joy is that I really don't 'need' another scarf...especially not another rainbow/blue stripey scarf...
...or even another ZickZack scarf, come to that.
I can tell myself they're all (ever so slightly) different, and that I do 'need' plenty of scarves now that my hair is so short and my neck is always so cold, but the truth is that some of them are going to have to be rehomed in the very near future, because not knitting is not an option, and neither is ignoring the problem. Fortunately I do have Christmas-present-knitting to keep me occupied for the next month or two, and I'm also pondering a make-it-up-as-I-go-along-crazy-stripey-jumper to use up a chunk of my stash, so the cull doesn't have to happen immediately. I just have to stick to the 
'Trying Not To Buy More Yarn' rule and introduce a very strict 'One Out One In' scarf rule in the meantime. 

In other news, they mowed all the long meadow grass at the park a few weeks ago and turned it into two big hay bales, which have been left at the bottom of one of the fields. The XXSCat dog was very grumpy about this to begin with, as she hates to see anything out of the ordinary on her daily perambulations (this includes workmen on ladders, fallen trees, anything blocking the pavement, and (obviously) postmen). She barked her head off the first time she encountered them, and gave them an extremely wide berth. 

The following day, after a lot of chuntering and swearing under her breath, she got close enough for a cautious sniff, and reluctantly conceded that they were "probably harmless". Now she just ignores them. I, on the other hand, am obsessed by them, because beautiful little hare's foot inkcap mushrooms (according to Google Lens) have started pushing through the surface of the wet hay. 

They have a very short life-span, going from fluffy hare's foot... inky black cap...
...gently liquifying...
...until they melt away, within the space of 24 hours...
...but if you happen to be there at just the right moment...
...they are stunningly beautiful, like miniature spun glass sculptures, when the sun shines through them.


  1. XXSCat dog? Is that "extra extra small Cat" dog? Okay, but whatever her name, I love her persistent bark, like a mindful cautionary message. So cute. So relatable... I think I might have an impulse to exclaim my thoughts and concerns, unbidden, and audibly!
    I can see why the yarn could not be resisted. Your scarves are gorgeous!
    And the mushrooms, too... so odd, so strange, so compelling, and gorgeous!

    1. Yes.Extra Extra Small Cat. One of her many nicknames! Her real name is Lois (as in Lois Lane, or Lois Griffin), but she answers to Lo-Lo, Linda, Loish, Pup, Puppy, Baby Girl, Luigi, Paula Dogcliffe, Small Dog, Scrapper, Karen and Princess, amongst many others. XXSCat because when she was neutered the vet sent her home in a rather fetching red body suit which said XXSCat on the label. She had to wear it for a week while her stitches healed and has never lived it down. The neighbourhood cats all line up on the other side of the fence to jeer at her when she patrols the back garden!

    2. Brilliant. Only the most beloved pets get a dozen or more nicknames, endearments, and reminders of their humility!