Wednesday 1 June 2022

...when May went West

May started quite well.
[Although not for the XXSCat Dog,
who had all her floofy fur cut off,
and had to curl herself up in a little tight ball,
with all four paws tucked in,
to stay warm]...
...I finished the crazy psychedelic painting for the special 'Thank You' card...

...plugged away at my #100grannies100days squares...
...made a cupboard for the mouse house,
to ease my nerves,
whilst overhead, on the flat roof,
a couple of agile workmen
tore up the old roof and laid down a new one,
finally making us watertight again...
...the woods filled with bright green leaves,
purple Honesty, 
and Queen Anne's Lace...
...inspiring a fresh 'batch' of daily squares...

...and then everything changed in a heart-beat,
when my Dad came in from the sunny garden, 
looking grey, 
with pain in his chest, 
spreading down his arms.

My Mum phoned me,
and I said "Phone an ambulance!", 
then hurried round to wait with them.

Two nice young paramedics arrived,
quicker than predicted,
checked him over, 
and took him straight to hospital.

Bloody Covid.

He had to wait alone for twelve hours,
sitting by himself, 
in a cubicle in A&E,
until a bed became available 
in the acute cardiology ward.

Almost miraculously we brought him home
just three nights later,
with only minor damage to his heart,
and a list of medications as long as his arm.
We are all a bit shaken up, 
our hearts bruised but thankfully not broken,
and all so very glad
that my lovely Dad
is still with us.


  1. That must have been such a worrying time for you all. Sending lots of love. X

    1. Thanks Jules. It certainly came as quite a shock - but hopefully the risk of further attacks will be reduced by the medication he's been given. X