Wednesday 13 December 2023

...a quick round-up

I really don't know where the last couple of months have gone! It feels like I've been wading through treacle whilst, simultaneously, the days have been zipping by in a blur. I've been meaning to do a blog-post for weeks but also thinking "I have nothing to show for the time that's passed". Obviously I've been busy - looking after the Aged Parents, visiting the Gorgeous Grandson, enduring a second round of Covid after a weekend away with the In-Laws, taking the Poorly XXSCat dog to the vet, and supporting the Harrassed Husband who is going through a particularly Tough Time at work - I just haven't felt able to focus much energy on the creative stuff that I like to keep track of here, and that always brings out the Eeyore in me, and makes me sad. So today my inner Pollyanna is here with a little "Note to Self" that while I might not have much to show for the time that's passed, I do still have something!
  • One thing I always have time for is photography. Autumn into Winter is a wonderful time of year for colour - whether it's vibrant and glowing, or muted and monochrome. For me, at the moment, there is really nothing more beautiful than the low Winter sun shining through fallen leaves. I'm at the park most days with the XXSCat dog, and I always come home with a virtual handful of visual treasures.

  • I started this simple stripy jumper for my grandson way back in November, and it is driving me nuts how long it is taking me to complete it. I think it's the prospect of sewing it together that's making me drag my feet - or rather fingers?! I'm a top-down, seamless knitter by preference nowadays. Fortunately I opted for size 6-12 months, so if I can force myself to get it done soon he should still get some wear out of it (he's a big, tall 5-months-old already). I bought this book (Debbie Bliss's 'Baby Knits') when his Daddy was a baby, and it's an absolutely timeless classic!
  • No sooner were the Pumpkin hats completed than the Christmas Pudding hats were requested. One each for Grandson and my daughter's friend J's baby. I really enjoyed making these - they are slightly adapted versions of this pattern - as previously mentioned, I'm a big fan of Debbie Bliss!
  • I had a smashing time with the hammer yesterday when I started work on a mosaic border for a little square wood-framed mirror (originally from Ikea) that my daughter was getting rid of. It's going to be a Christmas present for my M-i-L. I'm using the fruits and flowers edging from an old dinner plate I'd saved in my mosaic stash in the garage, and a couple of cracked/chipped blue and white china teacups I bought from Ebay. I'm thinking of breaking a mirror tile so that I can add some sparkling/reflective chips into the mix, but I'm just not sure who the seven years' bad luck will be applied to - the maker or the recipient! Fortunately, neither one of us is superstitious, so fingers crossed we'll be ok...


  1. Glad to see you back. I know what you mean about wading through treacle and yet time racing by.
    Beautiful photos of the trees and leaves. Very sweet Christmas pudding hats and I'm sure your M-i-L will love the mosaic picture frame. Happy crafting .

    1. Thanks Beverley! You and D have been so industrious in spite of Winter bugs and migraine! A little something every day is clearly the best way forwards! :-)