Saturday 20 January 2018


Because I'm a creature of habit and enjoy walking familiar routes over and over again, a few years ago I started to collect photos of favourite places every time I passed them. By simply recording whatever was randomly happening in front of my camera when I lined it up with the reference points I'd chosen for myself, I created my own personal time-lapse sequences capturing the differing effects of changing seasons, light and weather conditions on the landscape

Last year's collection focussed on the view across the lake at our local park - clockwise from top left (in no particular order because I can't work out how to control the collage-creating app on my phone!) are a selection of images taken in Spring, Winter, Summer and Autumn.

The photos below have been taken this winter from the back bedroom window whenever I've had the energy to race the sunrise and run downstairs to grab my phone. To be honest, my joints have been so achy and stiff lately that it has had to be a fairly spectacular light show for me to creak into action! So I suppose the criteria for this collection is slightly different - the view point stays the same but the photos are taken more selectively. 
The next group are taken from my current work-in-progress collection, started in December. I'm really excited to see how this one develops as the seasons change.

It's an addictive, but satisfying hobby, the seeds of which, it now occurs to me, may have been subliminally planted by seeing David Hockney's landscapes of the Yorkshire Wolds through the changing seasons. I love these evocative images and the idea that so much inspiration can be drawn from just one specific place.

Image result for david hockney woldgate collection

Image result for david hockney woldgate collection

Image result for david hockney woldgate collection

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