Monday 16 April 2018

...zig-zag meanderings

  • The mystery shrub is regenerating. New shoots have appeared around the base of last year's hollow, woody, flower stems. At this stage the plant resembles some kind of succulent, with firm, fleshy leaves. I took this photo after it had rained one day and captive water droplets were sparkling in the sunlight. 
After pausing to search Google images for "succulents with long stems" I think the mystery shrub may, in fact, be an 'Autumn Joy' Sedum. Perhaps of little interest to others, but I like to know these things!
  • A collection of lichen photos taken during another weekend walk at the park. I liked the combination of acidic yellow/green and turquoise - vivid splashes of colour glowing strangely bright against the muted backdrop of a cloudy day.
  • An absolutely perfect clump of daffodils creating a natural bouquet.

  • This weekend I did a bit of small scale gardening, tidying and restocking the pots outside the kitchen window and checking on their miscellaneous inhabitants. A couple of bargain packs of delicate cream and lilac violas have helped to replenish the display, nestling sweetly into various nooks and crannies.
  • The muted rainbow zig-zag scarf is complete. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. It was such an enjoyable project with its constantly changing colour combinations making it so addictive to work on. Sadly for me, we're about to have a spell of record-breaking warm weather, so I won't get the chance to wear it for quite some time. It's  hard to photograph, but this gives a rough idea.

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