Tuesday 3 April 2018

...the Easter weekend

  • A Good Friday walk at the park. Overcast and gloomy sky. The shuttered cafe reflected rather beautifully in the lake, where thick clumps of frog-spawn have appeared along the water's edge. We'll need to look out for tadpoles in the coming weeks.

  • Hyacinths and tulips for the kitchen windowsill. I don't normally buy flowers for myself, but reasoned that the hyacinths can be planted out in the garden once they finish flowering. The tulips were simply too lovely to resist.

  • Cast on for the zigzag scarf project. Not having any knitting on the go is intolerable!  

  • Based on the house-tidying principle of "little and often" I decided to tackle this chaotic corner of the kitchen, which has evolved into a storage point for miscellaneous items such as hand cream, dog food/treats, bananas, chopping boards and paper towels! It's a bit like the high tide line on the beach - lots of random things seem to wash up there! Still no real rhyme or reason to it but organised is much better.

  • Bank Holiday Monday and the hyacinths and tulips were in full bloom. So beautiful.

  • The zigzag scarf is coming along nicely. Some of the more subtle colour combinations flowing randomly from the needles are starting to balance out the initial rather jarring orange/black section.

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