Sunday 25 March 2018 beginnings

In the next couple of months the building where I work is going to be demolished, and our staff team is moving to a different base. It's not ideal - we'll be losing both office space and (more importantly) our family-friendly meeting room. As a team we're trying our best to channel Pollyanna but there's still quite a lot of Eeyore woven into the mix - it's sad to leave this place behind, and we're really not sure if the new base will work for us or our service users.

As part of the down-sizing process my colleague 'J' and I volunteered to sift through all the toys, games and books we use with children. We both enjoy the process of restoring order to chaos, and in a building where three different services currently share resources it doesn't take long for things to get messed up - Spillikins thrown in with the Lego, Mr Potato-head limbs and features scattered far and wide, 4 in a Row counters down the side of a settee. 'J' and I spent a happy morning taping battered boxes back together, counting puzzle pieces, throwing away broken stuff, checking for dried up felt tip pens and generally putting things back where they belonged. Oh the joy of gathering up a complete deck of cards, and figuring out where the blue plastic discs with Spider-man pictures on one side came from! We're hoping (perhaps naively) that the move to smaller premises will make it easier for our team to keep things organised and tidy.
Work in Progress!
This weekend I've also been doing some spring-cleaning at home - mostly dusting and some more tidying. The clocks went forward this morning and we went to the park for the first time in two weeks. Glorious blue sky, spring sunshine, and clumps of daffodils, crocuses and celandines everywhere. Lovely! 
The second of my two baby blankets is nearly complete - not sure what will be next on the needles. I'm pondering a zig-zag stripy chevron scarf using this rather lovely sock wool in alternating rainbow and monochrome colours...

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