Sunday 11 March 2018

...getting back to normal

We thought that once the snow deposited by the "Beast from the East" had melted we would be back to normal for this time of year. Then we woke up on Thursday morning to an unexpected sight:
The roads had not been gritted - so even though only a couple of inches of snow had fallen there were vehicles slipping and sliding and skidding everywhere. As I was still using the hire car following my accident I decided fairly quickly that I wasn't even going to attempt to drive to work, and settled down for a morning of knitting (baby blanket No. 2) and catch-up TV instead. 
After a fruitless wait at the bus-stop my daughter returned bearing crumpets, at which point tea and crumpets with peanut butter was added to the equation. Sheer bliss! Best of all, the snow stopped falling and started melting around 11:30am, so I was able to venture in to the office at midday, passing at least half a dozen abandoned vehicles on the hill. I was so glad that I had surrendered to the situation and enjoyed the snowy interlude, rather than stressing and fretting about it. 

Yesterday we went to pick up our new (to us) car, and it was such a nice feeling to be be back behind the wheel of our own vehicle, rather than one that belongs to someone else. There are still a few things that need sorting out with the insurance company, but I'm hoping the worst of this experience is behind us now.

Today we went the park for our first weekend morning walk in what seems like ages. It was overcast and drizzly, but still lovely to be back.

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