Saturday 11 May 2019

...miniature groceries

We called into a Lidl shop the weekend before last, and, as luck would have it, there in the Central Aisle of Random Joy were two little leftover boxes of doll's house furniture. A kitchen set, and a bedroom set. Naturally, I just had to buy them!

Nearly a year ago, feeling nostalgic for happy hours of childhood play and with a view to indulging my adult love of miniature worlds, I bought a flat pack doll's house from Ikea to decorate. It is still waiting to be assembled - partly due to creative paralysis about choice of decor, and partly due to having nowhere sensible to put it! Poor Miss Lavender, the prospective tenant, has been waiting patiently to move in ever since.
Having opened the furniture boxes to inspect the contents, it seemed only right to try them out for size. A space was cleared on the shelf, and in less than no time Miss Lavender was seated at her little kitchen table, admiring her smart new red and white kitchen. After a quick rummage through a little box of dolly accoutrements she was even able to enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of cherry pie.

As is sometimes the way on a quiet weekend, one thing led to another. Out came the air-dry clay, and before I knew it I had a basketful of vegetables (red onion, potatoes, turnip and carrots), a fruit bowl complete with fruit (apples, bananas, plums and an orange), a crusty loaf, and some Emmental with a little wooden cheese board! I painted and varnished them the following day (being so tiny they were dry in no time), and Miss Lavender celebrated by having a friend round for tea.

I really am going to have to find a space for the doll's house now. This was just so much fun!

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