Sunday 12 May 2019

...Seahouses III

Back to the beach where land and sky meet, with my eldest son as our companion.
See how the receding tide leaves artful doodles around every pebble.
Observe the textures and patterns, the soft glow of sunlight through a shell.
Bamburgh Castle offers glimpses of heavenly blue.
Ferns take root in tiny crevices, pebbles are assembled to form a rugged cobbled path. In the village abstract expressionist timbers mimic Rothko .
The scaffolding is gone from Lindisfarne Castle - it braces itself against the elements.
The beach presents fresh treasures, jewel-like on the sand.

Rocks at low tide reveal teeming colonies of barnacles.
We venture out to sea to visit the seals, puffins and kittiwakes.

 A shell fragment shimmers blue in my palm as we say "Au revoir".

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