Tuesday 16 July 2019


It's been three and a half weeks since my hip replacement surgery. I'm getting about with one stick indoors and two sticks outdoors and making progress, albeit slow. There has been a lot of bed rest with the XXSCat dog:
A lot of sleepless nights and a new hobby - capturing nocturnal shadows and sunrises when discomfort drives me from my bed in the wee small hours:
4:54am one day
3:14am another day
4:31am this morning
 A lot of finding simple pleasure in the flowers I grew from last year's seed gatherings:

Pincushion flower - Scabiosa
A lot of gritting my teeth and making myself do a little bit more every day - if only because there's a deadline looming:

Through all the 'New Hip Roller Coaster' highs and lows - the box-set binges, the pill-popping, the ice-packs, the ankle rotations and leg lifts, the tea and toast in bed, the biscuit-and-flower-bearing visitors, the tears of frustration and laughter - the XXSCat dog takes everything in her stride. 

After all, there is nothing that a quick power nap in a comfy spot can't fix.

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