Wednesday 18 December 2019

...WOYWW - The One Before the BIg Tidy

There are just a couple of days to go before I finish work for the rest of the year (hooray!) - which is just as well, because things are getting pretty messy around here. My workdesk (other workdesks are available here) is at the epicentre of the chaos, because it's in the room where the Christmas presents are dumped stored while they wait to be wrapped, and where the miscellaneous "stuff that's been got out and now needs to be put away" also gets parked. I literally can't wait for Friday, when I will have the house to myself and can clean and tidy to my heart's content. 
Things that have contributed to the carnage over the past week or two are:
  • Work stuff - our Service User Group Annual Christmas card design - everyone made a tree, and I faffed around with an improvised backdrop of blue card and white silica sand. Why? Because it was there!*
  • Distracting seasonal gorgeousness stuff - the best thing about short, dark, winter days is the fantastic sunrises and sunsets that we get to enjoy at the beginning and end of them. This one, seen from the landing window, was absolutely epic, and made me late for work.
  • Christmas gift knitting stuff - I'm persevering with this scarf very much against my better judgement because it is curling like the curliest curl on Planet Curly, and I'm really not sure that wet-blocking can properly rectify that issue. But it's 75% complete now, and frogging it to make it into a sensible, non-curly, moss or garter stitch scarf is just too disheartening to think about.
  • Finishing touches stuff - Eco-friendly tealights? Tick. Sachets of white silica sand to even out the bottom of the jar and for *random sprinkling onto blue card for a Christmas card backdrop? Tick. Circular labels to decorate with snowflakes and stick on the lid? Tick.

Roll on Tidy Friday!


  1. You are amazing, all the stuff you’ve made, so lovely. I think curly scarves are the new straight scarves, and I’m with you...frogging it really isn’t an option. It will be lovely, and the wearer will,love it, promise! I know how you feel about your work room being used for anything that doesn’t usually go on in the house...I hope a Friday fills you with a great sense of accomplishment!

  2. Hi There, wow, some fabulous gifts made here! Love the little jars. Not a knitter, so the names of ways to fix that went right over my head, lol. Great use for the silica sand on the card. Hope you have a lovely Christmas, Hugs, Shaz #2 X

  3. Wow! That's some stuff you have been doing - and it's not long til Friday!! You can then achieve your heart's content. Trouble is, of course, you may not recognise your own home once it has been done - don't go getting lost!
    Fantastic sunrise. yes, it would have held me up too.
    Take care. God bless. Have a truly beautiful Christmas.
    Margaret #1

  4. There's nothing wrong with a curly scarf it will fit snugly around any neck, not being a knitter myself it looks magnificent and will surely be a warm welcome, no pun intended there. Beautiful creations and I do love how you decorate your jars. Wishing you a wonderful break over the holidays, i've much to get clean and tidy for the big day myself.
    Happy Christmas & thanks for sharing WoywW Tracey #5

  5. The curly comments made me laugh! I'm sure blocking will help but if not, the curled edges will just have to be 'creative' ;-). Love the little jars with tea lights, so simple yet really effective. Have a great Christmas!
    Hugs LLJ 3 xxx

  6. Busy lady, love the knitting. I can't see a problem with it curling a bit. The jars are lovely too. Sending you big Christmas WOYWW hugs, Angela x13x

  7. Those tea lights are gorgeous and that sunrise is incredible! Happy WOYWW. Hope you have a lovely Christmas. Caro x (#15)

  8. there have been some great sunrises here too although the last couple of days have been bleurgh! Love the trees, and the little jars too are so pretty. Have a great week and hope you get your room sorted on Friday!! Helen #7

  9. Those tealights turned out fantastic and good luck finishing the scarf! I have to work Thurs/Fri as well but with a bit of luck I will be by myself in the office so it will be nice and quiet! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and hope to see you next year again! xx zsuzsa #19 ps. amazing sunrise!

  10. Wow such a great selection of projects on the go. I am sure the scarf will turn out brilliantly when finished. Love the tea light holders and the trees too. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #6

  11. The scarf is lovely, Amelia - interesting pattern. If you ran a couple of rows of double crochets around the edges, it might stop it curling. It will certainly be better if you damp it and block it. I love your eco tea light holders too! And using the silica sand on the card background was an inspiration. The silhouetted trees in the background give a real sense of depth, and the sand is really snowy looking. Great stuff!

    Thank you for your visit and for your kind words! So glad you enjoyed seeing the finished Tudor gown. It was fun putting it on again on Wednesday so my friend could photograph me in it! She loved it. Today I received an email from the friend we spent the day with on the day of the banquet, with her photos, which I shall post next week on my blog. Some lovely ones of me with my hubby! She and I are great fans of Kaffe and his "glorious colour" - you are right, the influence is very much there in the shawl.

    I'm glad you liked the kitty pic too - yes, Ruby with paw firmly over nose. I often wonder how they breathe... She's beside me in the radiator hammock at the moment, fast asleep, paw over nose again!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #17