Wednesday 10 June 2020

...WOYWW - The One with the Edited Highlights

I'm bringing up the very rear of Julia's weekly workdesk tour with a workdesk photo from a couple of Wednesdays ago, which I didn't have time to upload on the day. Somehow, even though I'm working from home, I seem to have less time for blogging at the moment. I think it's because (unless it's the weekend) it's becoming harder and harder not to blur the boundaries between work life and home life. I'm starting my working day a little later than normal and finishing a little later too, because it's easier to get hold of the families I'm working with during that time-frame. So this is a bit of a cheat, but it was preferable to letting another week go by without posting anything.

I like this photo because it captures the absolute chaos that ensues when I get absorbed in a project! Paint, pencils, varnish, super-glue, twine, fabric, ribbons, lace and beads....   
...and another Sophie Tilley peg doll base kit comes to life! She is possibly a Maude or a Jane, I'm not sure which yet.

I'm still making masks for friends and family, but during a lull in the orders I spent a happy Saturday morning making a teeny tiny patchwork quilt for the mouse house out of the smallest leftover scraps. I do love life in miniature so!

From one tiny bed to another - the most exquisite bird's nest, cunningly crafted from woven stems and twigs, layered together with fibres and leaves and flower heads, and lined with the softest of dandelion seeds, feathers and down. It got blown out of a tree in my parents' garden during the windy weather, but no sign of eggs or nestlings thank goodness. How amazing to think that this beautiful object, barely bigger than a tennis ball, was constructed using only beaks and claws for tools!


  1. your desk looks used at least! the tiny quilt is exquisite and so is the nest - how cute! have a good week Helen #1

  2. Wow nature is so beautiful! Love the miniature projects and glad that you made it this week. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #17

  3. Oh my! when I saw the nest I thought you had made it, a true work of art. Loving Maude (she has to be a Maude) and the little mouse bed too. Have a lovely belated woyww, Angela x19x

  4. Well that nest is just the perfect bed isn’t it, love that it uses threads and such too, how sweet! The mice will be much warmer now - my word gal, you do have patience and l am going to say, you must have thinner fingers than mine! I love the results, but the fiddling would really cause me to scream! Loving that new ST doll too, her dress is a gorgeous colour.

  5. Hi there, that birds nest is exquisite, isn't it? And your tiny quilt is adorable, so much detailed work. I agree with Angela, she's definitely a Maude. Stay safe, have a lovely week, hugs, Shaz #13 X

  6. Hi Amelia. Only just found you here this week - sorry I missed you on Wednesday. Your little mouse bed is so cute - well done.The peg doll is in credible - I'm sure I wouldn't have the patience for that, or the dexterity! I love the fact that you think you desk is a total mess - to me it just looks as though stuff is going on!! Isn't that nest amazing? How clever the birds are.
    Thanks for visiting - the peaches and cream blanket - destined for Uganda - has actually been sold! I was able to visit a friend the other day who wanted to see what I had been up to during lockdown ... took it with me - and left it behind! I'll just have to visit Aldi again as I am now almost out of yarn!!!
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  7. What a gloriously messy desk, Amelia, and what exquisite little projects come from it! The little mouse house quilt is adorable. The bird's nest is a work of art, isn't it. I remember finding one in the garden when I was growing up, and it was lined with the pure white soft fur from our Persian cats! We used to groom them every day and there was always white fur flying about, especially when they were moulting in the spring when the birds were building their nests. I thought it was rather ironic that they should use the fur of their chief predators!

    Thank you for your comment and I apologise for the lateness of my visit - desperate to get it in before the launch of WOYWW 576! I'm running late this week because I've spent so much time in the garden enjoying the sunshine while we've got it. I am glad you enjoyed reading about my knitting and that the links will be helpful. As for the cut neck, that was an experiment years ago when I first made the jumper and I don't think I'll ever do it again - I was just glad that I could remedy the mess I made of it at the time. It's much better now.

    My hubby and I were very amused at your comment re the kitties! Yes, I'm sure that's exactly how they think about us! After all, our role in life is to be their slaves and do their bidding at all times!

    I'm glad your hubby's remote appointment went OK. I must say I prefer face-to-face and hopefully things will eventually get back to normal. I am sure my phone appointment will be OK too.

    Happy extremely belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #14

  8. I think one thing crafters learn is that every project has a point at which our workspace is a mess!! Especially when you are using a variety of media. I wouldn't worry about it being from two weeks ago - not as if we are coming round to check though I'd love to. Such gorgeous projects, I love your doll she has such a sweet expression. The quilt is super too, I've always had an affinity for small things as well. Thta nest is a real piece of art, what a treasure! Happy (late) WOYWW, stay safe, stay well, hugs Cindy #12