Tuesday 3 November 2020

...Seahouses VI

The week before last we spent four nights (and three perfect days)  at a self-catering cottage in Seahouses. Over the past couple of years this has become such a special place for me, and all through lockdown I've been dreaming of returning to the freedom of the wide open space on this beautiful mother-of-pearl beach. 

Although I knew we were simply transferring our little household "bubble" of three (me, my husband and my daughter) from one self-contained location to another, with the threat of a Tier 3 lockdown looming I hardly dared to believe it was actually happening until we were passing the Angel of the North and properly en route to Northumberland.

I was so happy to be back on Day One, standing on the wave-dappled sand, gazing across that endless expanse of blue, discovering pirouetting Matisse-cut-out seaweed ladies...
... crystal clear rockpools (with the colour saturation set to "psychedelic")...

...and prehistoric fish along the shore.
Day Two took us along the beach near Bamburgh castle. The hint of a rainbow, seashore springtails in a miniature swimming pool, landscapes within pebbles, and a truly dramatic backdrop for crab tragedy on the sand.

Day Three. We walked "there and back" along the full length of the huge crescent sweep of Beadnell beach. 

Slate grey clouds full of rain...
...passing swiftly overhead to reveal blue skies, autumn sunshine...
and finally a picture perfect rainbow.
Sheer heaven!

Au revoir Seahouses.


  1. Absolutely serene, secluded, and so beautiful. Fabulous photos...I can smell the sea air...and feel the gently breeze. Again, fabulous photos! Sandi

    1. Glad you enjoyed the photos Sandi! Serene is absolutely the right adjective for this place - and how it makes me feel!

  2. Heavenly, indeed. I'll return to these pictures again and again for a vicarious vacation.
    -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)

    1. You're very welcome Gretchen! As you can see, there is plenty of space for fellow travellers.