Saturday 14 November 2020

...the birthday Snork Maiden

The good thing about close friends is that they accept you as you are, with all your little quirks and foibles, and sometimes these are even the things they cherish about you. So my closest friends know all about my (work in progress) doll's house...
...and Blanche, the little needle-felted mouse, who lives in it...
...and the little 'wrought iron' bed I made for her following Ann Wood's fab instructions...
...and the little patchwork quilt I made from the tiniest left-over mask-making fabric scraps...

...and when they need a special birthday present - perhaps for a Moomin-loving older sister who likes all things tiny too - then they know just who to come to to get the job done.

As I'm still waiting (increasingly impatiently) to find out if my application for early retirement  is being accepted, I'm desperate to distract myself from the hamster-wheel worries that are constantly filling my brain. So for the past week, and most of last weekend, every spare moment has been given over to the creation of a little needle-felted Snork Maiden (about the height of my thumb) complete with a rose tucked behind her ear and her signature gold ankle bracelet, sitting up in her very own 'wrought iron' bed, propped against the pillows on a lace-trimmed patchwork quilt, busily knitting with her cocktail-stick needles. 


💓 So.Much.Fun.💓


  1. Such a treat to be let into the 'mouse house', all sweet and peaceful. Hope you hear of your request soon, not knowing is always the worst! Sandi

  2. Thanks Sandi - I love the miniature world you've created too! A panel met last Wednesday to consider the early retirement requests, so I'm hoping this week brings some news.