Sunday 27 June 2021

...mending, making, growing, laughing


A favourite hat 
the moths ate holes in, 
using some scraps from a ball of wool 
the moths ate holes in.

in (mostly) shades of blue, 
hoping to make a dent in the stash.
It's a beautiful, beautiful thing.
But the dent in the stash is almost indiscernible.

...a reversible bucket hat for my Mum,
who saw mine and wanted one of her own.
I don't need asking twice, 
but have arrived at this conclusion: 
attaching circles to cylinders is 
an exercise in patience I'm not anxious to repeat.
(With a fully reversible bucket hat 
imperfection is not an option).
If at first you don't succeed, 
baste, baste, baste.

And finally...
Thanks to my daughter for the back-of-head modelling!
...mask-making is still a thing
for now.

Delicious things in pots -
Salad leaves
(Copper tape and wool pellets
are keeping the slugs at bay)

And... galore,
including a glorious surprise Iris 
from bulbs planted 3-4 years ago
(and long since given-up-on).

At our dear, silly XXSCat dog
running futile rings around a tree
in pursuit of a squirrel.
No matter how fast she ran
the squirrel was always on the other side of the trunk.
Since XXCat dogs  
aren't familiar with pantomime jokes,
the only logical course of action
after three fruitless circuits
 was to commence an intensive search 
of the surrounding area.
Feeling all the while, as though someone was watching...

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  1. Thanks fir dropping by. Hoping to follow your adventures now. X