Saturday 19 June 2021

Seahouses VII

  • Friday - late afternoon - with bare feet in the sand just after high tide. The sea looks greener in June, but the endless sky is still that glorious powder blue.
  • Saturday - a walk along the beach between Seahouses and Bamburgh, collecting sand art images along the way...
...and pausing for a spot of kite-flying. Ice creams in Bamburgh, and then back to Seahouses for a wander round the harbour and some fish and chips.
  • Sunday - up early to walk the XXSCat dog down to the sand dunes, where these extravagantly flamboyant Oriental Poppies had self-seeded in swathes along the roadside...
...then into the car for a pilgrimage to Lindisfarne, with barely a cloud in the sky...
...stopping for an hour at Beadnell beach to have a paddle in the shallows on the way back.
  • Monday morning - we packed up the car, had a final walk along the beach to look for a 'Shell of the Day'...
...and then back through the dunes to the coast road, taking one last lingering look across the fields before heading home. 

Au revoir Seahouses!


  1. Postcards! And all of them beauties!
    Thank you for bringing me to the shore.

  2. It looks wonderful. So much sky! X

    1. That's what I always think! Far more sky than anywhere else, and when the tide is out, and it's reflected in the wet sand, it feels like you're walking on clouds. Heavenly.