Sunday 18 July 2021


Walking the same routes:

I'm trying to get more exercise now that I'm retired - focussing on moving more, sitting less, and making sure I get out for at least one 30 mins walk every day. I know this doesn't sound like very much, but I'm coming from a very low baseline, having been so sedentary whilst working from home/trapped at my desk for over a year during the pandemic. So every weekend my husband and I do a long (60 mins) circuit of the park on Saturday and Sunday morning, and then during the week my daughter and I follow a shorter (30 mins) route as part of her lunch break. 

The longer walk is mostly through the woods, so it's cool and green and shady even in hot weather. 

The path meanders downhill for the first half of the walk...
...and then climbs back up in the second half, where the road runs perfectly straight ahead for half a mile, with just a little dot of sunlight at the top where it emerges from the tunnel of trees. When I first started walking this route I used to plod along with my head down, focussing on just putting one foot in front of the other until I reached the top, but lately my pace has started to quicken, and it's less disheartening when I round the bend and see that long uphill stretch in front of me. I'm still hot and breathless by the end of it, but that's a good thing, right?!

The route I take with my daughter is through the former golf course in the middle of the woods. The fairways are now mostly meadowland, seeded with wildflowers and left to grow untamed, apart from a network of paths mown into the long grass (currently teeming with grasshoppers, butterflies and bees). I feel lucky to live so close to this beautiful place, and never get bored by walking the same routes over and over again as the seasons come and go. 
Sewing the same bag:

This is the latest edition of my Extra Pocket Bag - the 'Forgetful Mum' version, which has integral loops inside the bag and in the outside pocket for securing keys, bus-passes and wallets (using retractable key rings). Made for my Mum after she discovered she'd left her bag (containing all the above items) on the bus. Hopefully, when worn as a cross-body bag, it will be harder to lose - and one less thing for her (and us) to worry about.
It's the 7th Extra Pocket Bag I've made since the end of March, and I really haven't grown tired of making them yet - perhaps because they have all been variations on the theme, made to reflect the individual needs and personalities of their owners.
Knitting the same scarf:

This is my 'Joyful Colour' version of the Mini Mania scarf.  After I finished the blue 'Jeans' version a few weeks ago I really missed having something easy and 'mindless' on my needles. I went through the bag where I keep my assorted left-overs (some of them just a metre or so in length) and pulled out all the 4-ply and DK yarn. I set myself the challenge of using it all up, with each row consisting of either a single length of DK or two lengths of 4-ply held together. I wasn't sure how well the (very) random colours would combine, so I decided that rather than trying for anything 'tasteful' I would deliberately go for complementary colour juxtapositions  - yellows followed by purples, reds by greens and blues by oranges - interspersed with paler, neutral shades of grey or off-white. I was really surprised by how much I loved these colour combinations, and how much pleasure it gave me to knit them together. It's a little shorter than I would like - it's more a muffler than a scarf because I just picked up one of the smaller balls, cast on until I ran out, and that dictated the length - but it's still perfectly wearable.*

*I know this because I actually wore it several times before the heatwave hit...a knitted woolly July. Simply couldn't resist.
It's the 5th Mini Mania scarf I've made to date - top left below was the first, made in greys and primary colours for my eldest son. This was followed in quick succession by the pastels and cream version, middle right below, made for my Mum. I honestly think this pattern should come with a health warning because it is seriously addictive. I know it's only a matter of time before I cast on another one - if only to try and discover if there is any possible combination of colours that doesn't look absolutely fabulous in linen stitch!
Knitting the same hat:

This is the 'Circle and Square' hat by Martina Behm - yet another genius design which starts with a circle and ends (seamlessly) with a square. It's the first one I've made, but it is 100% guaranteed not to be the last. 


  1. Hi, Sandi here. some cute projects and love your nature walks and photos. I you have another way to sign up on your blog, it would help as, my reading list is now defunct! Hugs, Sandi

    1. Hi Sandi. I'm hopelessly Luddite - it's a wonder I've even got this far! Do you have any advice on ways to sign up? If I had the right tech term for an alternative I could look into it, or get a more technologically-minded person to help! Thank you for your kind comments, and hugs back to you!

  2. These are all so beautiful! I know what you mean about making several versions of the same thing when you find a scarf or bag you love; I do exactly the same. Your hat reminds me of the colour gradations in agate - I covet it!

  3. Thanks Kate! Yes, it is very agate-like now you mention it. I'm a sucker for multicoloured yarns, and lots of Martina's patterns really lend themselves to the self-striping ones because they are so cleverly constructed - her use of geometry in knitting is amazing to me.