Wednesday 26 February 2020

...WOYWW (and Seahouses V)

The workdesk is looking very much as it did two weeks ago when I last took a picture of it  for Julia's weekly Workdesk Show and Tell. Very Ugly Baby is still optimistically clutching a ball of pink wool, hoping to make it to the front of the rescued toys queue, the peg doll is still waiting for her custom wig, and the needle-felting kit remains completely untouched. But if we zoom in a little closer, we can see a dozen hand-picked shells fresh from the beach at Seahouses - favourite in top left-hand corner, second favourite in bottom right-hand corner. 
We got back from an all-too-short two night stay about two hours ago, and I'm bone-tired (but happy) following a two and a half hour walk on the beach this morning and the two and three-quarter hour drive home afterwards. So there's not much to show on the workdesk, but plenty to tell about the past couple of days.

The forecast when we left home at lunchtime on Monday was for snow, sleet and all kinds of Weather, but aside from a few hair-raising patches of torrential rain it really wasn't bad at all. By the time we passed the Angel of the North the sky was beginning to clear...
...and by half past three we were making our way through the dunes to the beach at Seahouses, just after High Tide. Sheer bliss.

Yesterday we explored the stretch of beach between Seahouses and Beadnell for the first time. I had to take my boots off (foolishly hadn't worn my wellies) and paddle across a freezing cold stream to get to the main part of the beach, so I walked for a while with bare feet on the sand, much to the amazement of less determined passers-by. We contemplated trying to find a way back along the road, to avoid re-crossing the stream, but I decided paddling would be quicker, so the boots and socks were off and on again!
In the afternoon we went for a wander down to the harbour in Seahouses and had a walk along the quay. Crashing waves on the harbour wall and a bitingly cold wind, but blue skies overhead, so all was well.
This morning we packed everything into the boot of the car and headed to the beach at Beadnell. I wore my wellies this time, but still ended up with wet feet crossing another stream when the water came over the tops. Hooray for wool socks which keep your feet warm-ish even when wet! This was our first visit to Beadnell beach, and it was crazy-beautiful, with glorious blue skies and sunshine all morning. So glad we made that last-minute booking and went!


  1. Glorious pics, especially the shells! I love it up there, we were lucky enough to live in Northumberland for 11 years and adored it, a real hidden gem. You were lucky with the weather!
    And the ugly doll hasn't improved, bless her..... 😉
    Hugs LLJ 10 xx

  2. Gorgeous photographs. I was at teacher training college in Newcastle many years ago and I loved the coast land up there though I have to say it got very cold at times but it's beautiful. Have a lovely creative week and a happy woyww, Angela x16x

  3. A beautiful post Amelia, don't those shells look fabulous all pictured in the sand and gathered together. Makes a great print. Looks like you had a great time beach combing, you found lots of treasure.
    Bet the break has done you the world of good and given you fresh ideas inspired by the beauty that surrounded you.
    Happy WoywW Hugs Tracey #7 xx

  4. what a wonderful post! the shells are so pretty, but the photos - love the Angel of the North, and the beaches look gorgeous, and you ended with some beautiful weather; what a sky! Helen#2

  5. What beautiful sights Amelia and I love the shells you have found. Glad the weather was so good for you. Happy bleated WOYWW Sarah #3

  6. Hi there, love all the shell pictures, they're fab. I can imagine it was a bit chilly & windy along those beaches! Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 X

  7. Your seaside themed post is just glorious, Amelia. I love anything to do with the sea! The colours are so fabulous, and your wonderful collection of shells... It's all so lovely, and a real feast for the eyes. Nice to see the Angel of the North again - when we visited, I wasn't sure I really wanted to see it but once I'd seen it, I was totally converted and love it! You are a gal after my own heart as far as photographic choices are concerned. My hubby likes to take family pics and traditional views etc. and always laughs at me for wanting to photograph things like piles of old faded rope at the seaside, and rusty stuff! There is something about the way the sea decays things that makes them utterly beautiful... Thank you for your visit and I'm glad you enjoyed my fishy journey. I never want to do things the way someone else has done it but always want to put my own stamp on it, if I'm not designing something from scratch. I've always liked scanning my drawings to use again and again - it's amazing how a different colour scheme, or emphasising different parts, can completely transform a picture. The trouble is, I spend so much time planning and making templates etc. that I never seem to get round to creating much with them!! I'm certainly caught in that particular trap with the designs I am making for my cutting machine at the moment, and it's going to be even worse now the Mylar has arrived for my stencil cutting!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #11

  8. Sorry I’m late. Bracing sea walks are exhausting, however lovely, I do agree. Had to smile at the paddling, let’s face it, you were probably so numb in the extremities that it began to be OK! We had a holiday on that coast a handful of years ago, I loved it..the potential for wild is extraordinary, and as you say, the beaches are something else. My husband and daughter got into the habit of trying to refer to Seahouses by any other ‘Sea’ name for the week we were in and out of it; to this day we still refer to it as Seacucumbers! Great last minute break...ugly babies and dolly wigs are definitely OK on the ‘wait a bit’ list!

  9. WOW love your photos. I adore the beach - the colours are heavenly. I bet it was so cold though. Have a lovely week .

  10. I am in absolute agreement with Sue above - your photos are stunning

    1. Thank you! To be fair, that beach is so photogenic it's quite a challenge to get a bad picture!