Monday 12 August 2019

...teeny-tiny footballers

Recently my husband and his brother have been spending a lot of time constructing a wooden frame/base for their old Subbuteo pitch - ostensibly with a view to introducing my husband's 10 year old nephew to the thrills and spills of this table-top game (but actually a very thinly veiled opportunity to take an extended nostalgia trip down memory lane). Given my own fondness for childhood memorabilia...
 ...(ok, so every spare nook, cranny, corner and shelf in the house is crammed with dolls and little creatures in hand-knits) I feel it's only fair to support him in this project. So last Friday I started the Herculean task of hand painting his favourite Hibernian home kit (from 1991, as any self-respecting football anorak will instantly recognise) onto 11 miniscule model footballer blanks. This little fella took over an hour to bring to life, but my husband was thrilled to bits with him when he got home from work, and I'm hoping to adopt more of a factory-line-assembly approach for his team-mates. I was quite pleased that I even managed to get a slightly wobbly approximation of the iconic Adidas '3 stripes' on the sleeves, but had to admit defeat when it came to the top of the socks!

On Sunday I managed to walk a little further at the park, and was rewarded by the breath-taking sight of one of this year's wildflower meadow beds in full bloom. I'm obsessed with these gorgeous lilac thistles - 'Blue Eryngo' - and will be returning to collect seeds. I NEED them in my garden!

I was very achy after the extended walk (hip replacement recovery is two steps forward one step back in my experience), so I was more than happy to curl up with some knitting for the afternoon - another 'Nurmilintu' scarf in a different Lang Yarns 'Milton' colourway that will get a lot more wear than the last one

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