Tuesday 6 August 2019

...pretty little things

After my successful experiment with the decorative prosecco glass for my daughter's best friend's wedding, I started looking for opportunities to put the special oven-bake glass pens to use again. Of course it wasn't very long before one presented itself. 

It's a well-established fact that I have hoarding collecting tendencies, and it just so happens that one of my weaknesses is the dear little miniature jam jars that so often accompany a fruit scone when one is indulging in a cream tea. More often than not I end up slipping them into my bag or pocket and bringing them home "to store tiny things in". This is how I came to have a miniature jam jar pyramid containing beads, buttons, safety pins etc.on my craft room windowsill (and, on reflection, may also hold a vital clue as to how my waistline disappeared). 

At the weekend I was collecting some pincushion flower and cosmo seeds from the garden to store in my miniature jam jar pyramid (for planting next year) when it occurred to me that I ought to store the white cosmo seeds and purple cosmo seeds seperately, as it was highly unlikely possible that I might want to plant them in accordance with some kind of colour scheme. Since white and purple cosmo seeds are indistinguishable from one another, there was only one thing for it - labels - and what better way to label a miniature jam jar than with a special glass pen doodle of the flower in question followed by a brisk 25 minute bake in the oven? They're a little rough and ready, I'll admit, but very cute nevertheless.
I showed them to my friend when she came to visit yesterday, and one thing led to another, as the saying goes. My friend runs a small business in her spare time, hiring out wedding reception accessories  - large illuminated letters (L-O-V-E, and M-R -&- M-R-S, M-R-&-M-R, etc), candy carts, prosecco carts, card/letter boxes - all the kind of one-off, decorative, extra stuff that adds to the 'ambience' of the occasion and provides a nice back-drop for photos and so on. She adds little jars and vases of artificial flowers that match the colour scheme of the wedding as a finishing touch. What better way for me to while away an hour or two of my convalescence than by decorating some jars for a rustic wild-flower-themed wedding? Sooooo pretty!

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