Wednesday 21 August 2019

...What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - The One With the New Shower Room

What's currently on my workdesk is one of two last-minute, optimistically-placed* dust sheets (*in hope that plaster dust and dirt will be attracted to the sheet-covered areas and repelled from all the other - let's call them "exposed" - surfaces). The room is being used to store all the materials for the downstairs shower-room/toilet refurbishment, and I hadn't anticipated the amount of space this would take up - and thus hadn't applied the dust-repellent covers prior to delivery like a sensible person might have done. As I wasn't prepared to climb over mountainous boxes of tiles to rectify the oversight, I just had to waft the gossamer thin, sail-like sheet in the general direction of the desk, and then try and tweak it into position from afar with my handy post-hip-replacement grabber tool. Sadly, in terms of offering protective coverage, it is still more bikini than kaftan.
On the bright side, this is Day 3, the worst of the messy destruction construction work is (hopefully) behind us, and (thankfully) the dust levels really haven't been that bad. The tiler is coming tomorrow, and we may even have a functioning shower and toilet again by Friday! While we're on the subject of tiles, look at the irridescent dragonfly-wing gorgeousness of these mosaic 'accent' tiles! I can't wait to see them in situ against a background of dark grey slate-effect wall and floor tiles...I'll be in the shower for hours!

In the meantime I've occupied myself by busily knitting away at my second Nurmilintu shawl/scarf - see below in yet another chucked-in-a-hedge artfully posed shot. It was very overcast and grey when I took the photos, so they don't really do justice to the lovely colours in the yarn. The bottom left picture probably represents its rich turquoise/blue tones most accurately.


  1. Ooooh, I love those mosaic tiles and the colours are exactly replicated in your knitting! I sympathise with the craft room/dust sheet issues, I'm two days off my bathroom being finished and all the guys tools etc were stored in the JanCave...I miss it. It's so dusty and filthy, I took everything out of the room. Hope it won't be too long before you get back in as well!
    Hugs LLJ 7 xxx

  2. Those tiles are FANTASTIC I hope the rest of the work goes without a hitch and you get sorted soon. Amazing how the dust travels. The scarf/shawl is gorgeous too. Helen #4

  3. Loving those tiles and the scarf,

    Happy WOYWDW Lilian B #12

  4. Those mosaic tiles are gorgeous and I love the scarf. Had to smile at the Bikini style dust sheets! Have a lovely week. With Love & God Bless, Caro x (#8)

  5. Those tiles are to die for! Just gorgeous and the scarf is amazing!
    Glenda #15

  6. Thos e tiles are lovely. Hope the dust sheet works. Have a lovely week and a very happy woyww, Angela x13x

  7. Hi there. Oh my - I just love those tiles - they will gleam - and yes, I can well imagine the lengthy showers you will be taking... Hope the tiler has nearly finished by now and that you are getting to grips with your new room. Enjoy.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  8. Pity we don’t have more forethought sometimes little Dorrit, I quite agree with you on that and suffer from same issue 😉
    I love the accent tiles (who wouldn’t?) hope all is well things are taking on semblance of order by now and you’re enjoying lonnnng showers!
    Thanks for being a blessing, and may God bless you too.
    Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x #3

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  9. I love your tiles, the colours are stunning. The scarf if fabulous too.
    Kath #27